How a PEO can help you with Human Resources

Human Resources can make or break your company.

In my opinion; HR sets the tone for and the culture of your company. Getting your product/service, business model and HR right, in the beginning, is vital to your business’s survival. Over the years, I’ve seen companies that had incredible products/services be sidelined because their HR was reactive instead of proactive.  I’ve also seen businesses that were slow to start, but had a solid HR infrastructure, ultimately thrive. 

It seems, nowadays, that everywhere you turn someone is trying to solve HR and its perceived dilemmas.  But, truth be told, HR is a unique living part of every company.

Ensuring that your employees are happy goes a lot further than just paying high wages and offering perks.  It starts with having a system that sets the stage and systems for a “hire to retire,” company. 

No one gets into business with Human Resources as their primary focus.  Most companies start out with an excellent idea and grow from there. Once you hire employees, HR becomes a necessity and, without it - you’re steering a ship with no plans. But, how does one put a strong HR infrastructure in place? 

You can hire all of the people that make up an HR department - a Generalist, a Recruiter, a Benefits Specialist, a Compensation Specialist and, finally, someone to help with any legal issues. This is a solid plan, but very costly and most small businesses don’t have the financial resources or even the day-to-day need for this size HR staff. 

The other option is to outsource the HR function to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). PEOs help small businesses with their Human Resources, by providing access to SHRM certified HR experts, without the cost and burden of employing the staff. PEOs help you put together a solid HR infrastructure and to stay current with State and Federal rules and regulations. 

PEOs offer service and support for HR and various services that you add based on your unique situation.  The PEO has a vested interest in your company staying compliant. Whether it’s employee handbooks, offer letters, PTO policies or best practices to hire or fire staff, a PEO will provide you with the expertise that you need. 

A common misconception is that a PEO will replace your HR Department - it will not. A PEO will, however, complement and help your HR Department to alleviate the administrative tasks associated with HR. 

If you haven’t looked at how a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can benefit your company - you should.  However, if the thought of reviewing 400 providers doesn’t sound like a good use of your time, perhaps you can give us a few minutes to explain how we match the right PEO with your company, at no cost to you?