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(HRO) Human Resource Outsourcing: Lifting Small Business Burdens

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) takes all or some human resources tasks and hires a third-party source to administer it. An HRO might be contracted to conduct payroll and the subsequent taxes associated with it. It could also handle all employee benefits. Unlike a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), the HRO is usually an a la carte service provider, handling what a company needs instead of bundling all services.

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Don't be stupid. Use a PEO Broker.

Finding the right Professional Employer Organization is a lot like building a house. There are over 700 PEOs to choose from. Some are great matches; most won’t be the right fit. How can you decide which PEO offers the services you need at the best price? You have two options: do it all yourself or work with a PEO broker who can set you up with the right PEO.

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How a PEO can help you with Human Resources

Human Resources can make or break your company - in my opinion; HR sets the tone and culture of your company. Getting your product/service, business model, and HR right, in the beginning, are vital to your business’s survival. Over the years, I’ve seen companies that had incredible products/services be sidelined because their HR was reactive instead of proactive and I’ve seen businesses that were slow to start but had a solid HR infrastructure thrive. 

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