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Dinsmore Steele is the first ever human capital agency; we offer turnkey solutions for every facet of human capital management.

PEO (Professional Employer Organizations)

Professional employer organizations (PEO) are designed to alleviate your human resource burden and allow you to focus solely on growing your business.

HRO (Human Resources Organizations)

Many executives choose to hire HRO’s to manage the day to day HR functions of their business. Both large and small companies choose Human Resources Organizations because they allow you to maintain control of the decision making process at any and all levels


It is not easy keeping up with an expanding organization and payroll—plus the taxes that come with it. The larger your organization grows, the more difficult it is to consistently and accurately meet payroll and pay your taxes.


In this economy, health insurance costs can wreck the family stability of your employees and destroy your bottom line. To stay competitve you must offer top quality packages to prospective talent at an affordable rate to your organization.

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Human Capital Management
Benefits Administration
Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
Payroll Services
Time & Attendance
Retirement Services
Talent Management
Administration Service Outsourcing (ASO)
Insurance Services
Human Resources Management
Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)
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Helping Non-Profits Prosper and continue making the world a better place. Non-Profits are experiencing rapidly declining giving rates in today’s uncertain economic climate, HR administration

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Providing solutions with the speed of technology Our staff of industry professionals are fluent in and highly responsive to the rapidly changing tech and media
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