The Snapshot:
Founded: 1997
Health Insurer: Aetna
Great for: small businesses, firms and other groups.

Founded by a small business owner after he grew frustrated by how difficult getting quality HR and benefits was for "non-heavyweights," Extensis has grown into a national group with plenty of resources. Despite their success, they've never forgotten their roots. Clients enjoy personalized service that's invested in their unique situation while gaining access to a "Fortune 500" level of benefits and resources.

That focus on the needs of small businesses shows conversations with Extensis staff. Their offerings are tailor-made for small businesses and groups wanting to retain a tight-knit but well-compensated team — architectural, law, consulting and investment firms will definitely want to have a conversation with them. The HR Solution is versatile and the benefit offerings are ample.

We evaluated Extensis from the perspective of a firm (or small business) composed of roughly twenty professionals. While there are perhaps better PEOs for very large companies or small ones, Extensis' solid offering is the sort of "plug-and-play" solution small-to-midsized firms dream of so they can get back the work they enjoy doing.


Extensis offers a full suite of HR support, benefits and risk/compliance management that can accommodate nearly any industry. Their approach and implementation is practiced and illustrates the nearly twenty years that Extensis has had to hone their business. Benefits are exactly what you'd expect from a world-class organization, with both affordable high-end plans, global plans, well-priced family plans and more affordable options for those wanting less coverage. And they've got an excellent grasp on local and state laws and compliance codes, including the nuanced Affordable Care Act (ACA) and OSHA.

You'll also gain access to their proprietary HR e-management solution HRCloud, a useful tool for keeping tabs on all things HR within your firm. Seeing as Extensis does the work for you, HRCloud allows you to keep informed without the hassle of day-to-day details.

Customer Service:

Extensis is responsive and reliably there for you when questions do arise, and information or help is often only a single email or phone call away. For employees, an app function of HRCloud allows much information to be self-serve, saving both your time and theirs by cutting down back-and-forth regarding benefits, payroll, taxes and more. With Extensis, both managers and employees are as involved as they'd like to be.



Extensis' per-head administration costs are not only reasonable but tend to contribute to the industry's going average. Their large client base allows them pass savings with both their infrastructure and insurance on to clients, and that trend will no doubt continue as they continue to grow. While you may find cheaper rates, you won't easily find as great a combination of value and price.

Conclusion: Extensis is a solid long-term partner for any small or mid-sized firm looking to offboard the burdens of HR while enjoying savings on insurance or access to better insurance plans than they could get themselves. While not flashy, they're reliable and affordable — and that's what HR is supposed to be.

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