Each PEO Brief looks inside a client's business and their challenges — and how the PEO they found through us met their needs perfectly.

Dinsmore Steele Financial PEO Brief

Financial company peo brief 

National finance company with 175 employees operating in New York. We also helped them fix an issue they had with Medicare-eligible employees.  

printing company peo brief 

Family-owned printing company with 75 employees. The company needed a solution for their employees in other states and their workers' compensation coverage. We helped them find a PEO to accomplish both and reduce their medical premiums. 

Dinsmore Steele Printing Company PEO Brief
Dinsmore Steele Publishing Company PEO Brief


hedge fund company peo brief 

Greenwich-based Hedge Fund with 45 employees residing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Previously using a national PEO, they wanted richer benefits with high out-of-network reimbursement rates and a higher level of service.

publishing company peo brief

National publishing company headquartered in New York, operating in seven states throughout the US. In 2011 they were acquired by a private equity firm that wanted to move them into a PEO to lower costs while offering Fortune 500 benefits and reducing liability.

Dinsmore Steele Hedge Fund Company PEO Brief
Dinsmore Steele Start up PEO Brief


it firm peo brief

Boston-based IT Firm operating in 12 states. They were using a National PEO and concerned about paying a large percentage of payroll for their administration costs.

Dinsmore Steele Mortgage Banker PEO Brief


private equity peo brief

California-based private equity firm had a small staff that wanted the same benefits and support they enjoyed at their prior, larger firms. 

Dinsmore Steele Architecture Firm PEO Brief


non-profit peo brief

National non-profit based in Chicago that wanted to offer their employees great benefits since most had taken pay cuts to do more fulfilling work. We helped them provide rich benefits and a working HR infrastructure.

start-up company peo brief

Newly-funded startup with 7 employees and hiring more quickly. Their staff was talented and wanted the perks of working for a large employer. They needed to attract talent to grow by setting up an HR infrastructure that was competitive with their peers.

Dinsmore Steele IT Firm PEO Brief


mortgage banker peo brief

Florida-based Mortgage Banker operating in 19 states. They needed versatile HR support and a national benefits plan for their employees.


Dinsmore Steele Private Equity PEO Brief

architecture firm peo brief 

New York-based Architectural Firm with 62 employees. Having previously been a larger firm, they wanted to retain the same benefits. We gave them options as well as assistance with the ACA.

Dinsmore Steele Non-Profit PEO Brief