The Snapshot: 
Founded: 1988

Health Insurer:  United Health Corp/Aetna/Blue Cross Blue Shield/Kaiser Permanente
Great for: firms wanting the most hands-off experience possible at a good price

TriNet is probably the most well-known PEO and is easily the most prevalent name in the industry. One of the "cornerstone" PEOs that rocketed the concept of co-employment into the public awareness, TriNet is a publicly-traded and reputable organization, giving a reliably solid yet personalized experience to each of its 15,000+ clients.

In the PEO industry, TriNet could be considered an "Amazon" — highly focused on customer satisfaction. With one of the largest customer bases, they're in a position to deliver great price points consistently for new clients when it comes to benefits and worker's comp rates. Additionally, they have outstanding HR infrastructure support and even offer a hiring program that could replace costly in-house or 3rd-party recruiters. That's access to a full HR department for a fraction of the per-head price.

We evaluated TriNet from the viewpoint of a firm wanting to take full advantage of its services — HR, benefits, the whole works. TriNet is truly capable of standing in for 99% of an HR department, plus gives you access to great benefits and pricepoints. If you're wanting to "pick and choose" services and do some things yourself or in-house, there may be better options available, and we're happy to talk about them.


TriNet leads with a promise of "Full-service HR" and in our review we found they weren't kidding. From payroll to risk/compliance, a digital management platform to benefits administration, it wouldn't be far from the truth to say that TriNet does nearly everything for you. The great thing about HR through a PEO like TriNet is that it's like turning on a fully-developed HR department from day 1 — no hiring of an HR head and waiting for the team to come together.

TriNet doesn't disappoint when it comes to benefits. They give you access to outrageously good plans that are usually well outside the grasp of small firms. Pricing for these plans is comparable to what you'd expect to pay for plans half as good on the open market — but savings aren't restricted to platinum-level benefits. Firms covering a lot of couples or family plans will see great savings as well. And from dental to vision, TriNet offers a vast catalogue that employees can pick and choose from — all national coverage through insurers like Aetna or Blue Cross/Blue Shield with huge networks.  And if you do wander out of network (hard to do, even abroad, with TriNet), their out-of-network rates are a long sight better than what you'll get on the market.

TriNet services a variety of industries and is able to customize your package uniquely to your employee's work, companize size, risk factors and more — there are no "one-size-fits-all" plans, which is a relief when you're entrusting your company's internal infrastructure to a third party.

Customer Service:

Our review of TriNet found what our experience with them already indicated: they offer knowledgeable and reliable customer service both before and after you've started working with them. While not "white glove," each interaction is reliably helpful knowledgeable; like any large organization, there are excellent reps and okay ones. Dinsmore/Steele maintains contact with ones we feel best represent TriNet's offerings and work with them to ensure you have the best conversation possible, and that's a relationship that can help you down the line.


PEOs' services tend be paid for on a per-head basis (often called "administration fees") and TriNet is no different. Your eventual price point will depend on the extent to which you use their services, as well as the number of employees you have. TriNet offers several price points based on your company'’ size — and if you're anticipating on expanding soon may be willing to discuss offering you better rates in advance. Being one of the larger PEOs, their per-head costs are always competitive and tend to define those of other companies.


Reviewing TriNet is a bit like reviewing the restaurant in town that everyone's always liked — it's a reliably good service with excellent price points, plus a good support staff that is the industry standards. The company doesn't rest on its laurels, though, and is always adding new features as well as finding ways to reduce administration fees. If you go with them to virtually replace an HR staff, you'll find them a great teammate that's always available and always on top of HR admin tasks — on top of getting you great benefits and insurance rates.


The best way to know you're getting the best deal possible — and save hours of time spent filling out forms — is to work with a professional PEO agent like Dinsmore/Steele. We fill the role of knowledgeable partner in one of business's most confusing fields, knowing the difference between when you're getting good rates and when someone is padding their profit margins at your expense. You can access over 400 vetted PEOs in just a few minutes using our simple proposal request form.

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