The Snapshot:
Founded: 2012
Health Insurer: Aetna
Great for: start-ups, younger entrepreneurs, small-to-midsize firms, tech-savvy teams

Justworks stands out among other PEOs for having a website and approach that feels familiar to anyone who's used Zendesk, Mailchimp or other leading business softwares. The company's overall presentation, aesthetic and brand are refreshingly up-to-date in an industry where some major provider's sites don't seem to have been updated since HTML5 was released — and the impressive modernity isn't skin deep.

A relative newcomer to the PEO field, Justworks reimagined how clients interact with a PEO from the ground up. The result is an experience that is simple and, while more hands-on than other providers, quite intuitive.

We evaluated JustWorks from the perspective of a modern, tech-savvy company. Our thoughts are that there are perhaps better PEOs for the needs of a larger, more-established (or "old-fashioned")  firms who, while not having as sexy a website or interface, can better accommodate large employee groups.


Justwork's primary offering is its HR software suite, although it does offer solid insurance and worker's comp packages that are competitive with other companies. The mantra of the company is that HR is something that can be drastically simplified through software and made manageable by one person, usually the owner. If you're willing to fill that role with the aid of some very powerful software, Justworks is for you.

In our review of Justworks, we assumed the needs of a someone who wasn't looking for a PEO solution to hand off the HR department to, just make their work dramatically simpler. If you're looking to completely do away with the burdens of HR, then a PEO may not be the best solution.

Customer Service:

Justwork's customer service is quick to help any questions submitted via their messaging tool, and quite knowledgeable regarding the issues that would concern a smaller or less-established company. Users accustomed to quick and efficient customer service through companies like Zendesk will be glad to see that modern approach replicated here.

JustWork's software allows a business owner to take on some of the HR burden in a highly efficient way — unfortunately that means that their customer service is less dedicated to doing the work for you and more helping you do it, but this will come as no surprise. And in helping you learn more about the software, they're quite efficient.


JustWork's pricing is fairly middle-of-the-road and, for a company fully using its suite of tools and benefits, would certainly represent real savings versus trying to get them on your own. They prices are quite straightforward and they don't hide any fees or spring unexpected costs on you. Of course, it's important to remember that negotiating with JustWork through a PEO agent like Dinsmore/Steele will lead to even better prices than listed on their site, as they know they're competing with other PEOs for your business. You can request a JustWorks quote using our simple form and we'll secure savings from them in addition to giving you other PEO quotes — we'll be glad to walk you through each.


Justworks offers a first-rate PEO experience and undoubtedly one of the most high-tech ones. It's always wise to do due diligence, though, and unfortunately there are few other PEOs that present information as clearly as they do.

The best way to know you're getting the best deal possible — and save hours of time spent filling out forms — is to work with a professional PEO agent like Dinsmore/Steele. We fill the role of knowledgeable partner in one of business's most confusing fields, knowing the difference between when you're getting good rates and when someone is padding their profit margins at your expense. You can access over 400 vetted PEOs in just a few minutes using our simple proposal request form. Or check out our recommended top 10 here.

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