pay-as-you-go. lower rates. no audits.

Every company that has employees is required by law to have Workers' Compensation Insurance. It's important that your employees are classified correctly and that you have the correct coverage in place. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) help small businesses accomplish this and more. 

Lower your Workers Comp cost with Dinsmore Steele

reduced workers' comp rates

PEOs have reduced rates on Workers' Compensation insurance. A PEO joins together all of their client companies and their Workers' Comp rates are significantly reduced. Saving you money on a necessity.  

pay as you go 

In a PEO your Workers' Compensation cost is calculated based on your exact number of employees at each payroll. This eliminates you owing money at year end because you are paying the correct amount each payroll. 

Pay As You Go Workers Compensation with Dinsmore Steele

Workers Compensation insurance Claims Management and Year End Audits

audits and claims management

Being in a PEO eliminates your Year-End Workers' Compensation audits. Because you are under the PEO's Master Policy, say goodbye to audits. The PEO also handles any and all of our Workers' Compensation claims from start to finish.