Everything's bigger in Texas… including the savings.

Texas is a massive state taking up a sizable chunk of the American southwest (and for most folks, it is the southwest. Sorry, Arizona and New Mexico). Its borders encompasses three of the nation's largest and most rapidly growing cities alongside vast thousand acre farms. And industries from cattle ranching to financial tech, healthcare to oil refining have planted significant roots on Texas soil. While still an incredibly business-friendly state, a PEO partner can help reduce significant HR headaches in the larger cities while ensuring great benefits at low costs from Corpus Christi to El Paso.

Here's why it doesn't pay to be a loner in the Lone Star State: talented employees expect top-notch benefits programs and a versatile HR infrastructure that makes their working lives easy. And with almost every industry having its own unique regulations and even employee safety/education requirements,  guaranteed compliance is essential for any long-term plan. A PEO partner helps meet these needs while saving you substantial amounts of money and time. And with us, those savings get even bigger.

Here's our top 5 PEOs for folks doing business down in Texas — each of them offers excellent HR services, payroll services and benefits programs, employee education programs and more,  but each also has unique traits that help them stand out.

Please note that due to how PEOs specialize in different client types, this is not a ranked list. Finding out which one best suits your need is as simple as a ten-minute call with Dinsmore/Steele — our form is the only one you need to fill out.

Solid Business Solutions
Year founded: 2014
Health carrier: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna
Texas-based provider offering highly personalized and localized service and assistance from Houston.

Few PEOs probably get Texas business like Solid Business Associates, a Texas-grown PEO that works with clients across the state's diverse industries. They offer a full-suite service from more affordable benefits to COBRA, payroll management to HR administration.

Year founded: 1988
Health carrier: United Healthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kaiser Impermante
Top pick for those looking for a PEO partner that potential employees/investors will have heard about and trust.

If there's one PEO you've heard of, it'll probably be TriNet. Publicly-traded and one of the first organizations to bring the practice of using PEOs into the public spotlight, TriNet also offers a solid, well-rounded experience gives employers a single access point for all their HR needs. Their widespread usage means a familiarity with just about every industry.

Year founded: 1986
Health carrier: United Healthcare
Top choice for those wanting a straightforward solution that  gets the job done without unnecessary frills.


Previously known as Aministaff, you may have heard of Insperity or seen their logo as they're a title sponsor of the PGA Champions Tour. Publicly traded since 1997, their presence across the country is cemented by over 60 locations, meaning that your regional branches in Texas will enjoy local service and representation.

Year founded: 2012
Health carrier: Aetna
Best known for its modern style and intuitive software.

As its more modern name would suggest, Justworks is a fresh newcomer to the field, but don't let their age fool you. In addition to the expected services and benefits programs, Justworks offers a versatile proprietary software solution for managing employees and HR details that is refreshing and modern. Thanks to their software, their approach to HR is a bit more hands-off than other full-service PEOs but the savings and increased control are preferable for some entrepreneurs. And they'll gladly step in and provide support if you need it.

Resourcing Edge
Year founded: 2003
Health carrier: United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana, Aetna
Texas-grown PEO with excellent grasp of the needs of growing firms.

Specializing in "tall, grande and venti"-sized firms, Resourcing Edge is another Texas favorite that that comes specially recommended for companies in the midst of expansion. Skip the growing pains with their tailored HR and benefits solutions that become more affordable the more employees you add and is priced for your size that month, not last year.


So how do you select a PEO?


Working with Dinsmore/Steele, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that for each of these best Texas PEOs we've conducted rigorous examinations of their services. That ensures a baseline quality experience that differs only to your unique needs. To ensure that, we facilitate a one-on-one conversation with a member of the PEO during the introductory period — acting as an informed partner who asks the right questions and works towards better rates than those you'd enjoy going directly to the PEO and negotiating on your own.

You're looking for a PEO to save you time and money. Dinsmore/Steele helps you enjoy those benefits even earlier in the process by reducing it to just one form and negotiating better-than-market prices from our partners working in New York. Your perfect PEO solution is just a few minutes away.

Dinsmore/Steele saves you the hassle by asking for your information just once and getting competitive quotes from over 400 of the world's best PEOs. And on top of the added convenience, PEOs give us better rates because they know there's competition for the quality clients Dinsmore/Steele brings them. Get a quote today.