We solved the challenge of getting quality health insurance for "sole props" and companies with less than 10 employees. 

We know the dilemma because we faced it, too. Getting quality health insurance from a national carrier as a sole proprietorship or a small business is a real challenge.

But a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solves your problem. Here's how: 

PEOs specializing in small firms combine your needs with those of other small businesses to get large-company benefits. They'll also do your payroll, workers' comp insurance, and HR guidance while delivering the same large-company savings. Those health insurance plans are much better than what's available for you on the open market — and the networks are national. 

We make finding the right PEO easy! Complete our 8-minute request for proposal and within a day we'll have plans and rates for you to review. 

Associations offer the same savings on benefits packages for your employees, but let you save a little money if you'd like to keep HR and worker's comp in-house or already have it taken care of. They offer access to national networks with strong health and dental — plus optional secondary benefits like legal services and identity theft protection for employees.