we help sole props find the right professional employer organizations (PEO)

If you are a Sole Prop you face the challenge of finding affordable, quality health insurance. That's how PEOs help you out, they offer National Plans from top-rated carriers at affordable rates. 

PEOs consist of Four Core services 

  • Payroll - The PEO processes your payroll and pays your State and Federal taxes. 
  • Medical Insurance - The PEO offers you access to Fortune 500 benefit plans and manages your plans.  
  • Workers' Compensation - The PEO offers you access to A+ Rated carriers. 
  • Human Resources - The PEO offers you access to SHRM certified HR guidance when you need it. 

how does a peo work? 

A PEO operates through Co-Employment. Co-Employment is the contractual sharing of employer responsibilities between a PEO and its client. In a co-employment agreement, employees are technically employed by two separate entities: the business owner, or client employer, who controls their daily duties and core job functions; and the PEO, or co-employer, who handles administrative functions.


The next step is to complete our RFP. Once it's complete we will shop our PEOs and