Our partnership with Dinsmore/Steele gives you access to quotes from hundreds of PEOs. The potential savings are counted in dollars, weeks and new recruits.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a service provider that allows small and mid-size businesses to deliver Fortune 500-style HR, payroll and healthcare solutions to their employees. The savings you enjoy on insurance often mor ethan pay for the modest per-head administration fees.

While somewhat unknown until recently, a few numbers paint the reputation already enjoyed by PEOs:

  • 62% of firms believe their PEO is a key differentiator when recruiting talent

  • 73% of companies with a PEO are happy with their health benefits, compared to only 45% that don't have PEO

  • 82% of small to medium-sized business owners recommend PEOs to their peers

But hunting for the best PEO for your group can be a major challenge. Each has a separate form, process and the tendency to put smaller groups on the back burner. That’s why using the PEO experts at Dinsmore/Steele makes sense — they can leverage their existing relationships with PEOs to get quotes within days. They’ll also negotiate admin fee discounts on top of already reduced administration fees and insurance rates.

It only takes ten minutes to complete Dinsmore/Steele’s quote process — well worth the potential benefits for you and your team.