Our partnership with Dinsmore/Steele gives you access to affordable insurance benefits through Elevate Wellness, which is an association combining the purchasing power of organizations just like yours.

That means access to benefits that aren't readily available to small firms/individuals, at rates lower than those plans could be purchased for on the open market. For firms, while there are better price points available if you enroll more than five employees, enrollment is on a per employee basis and benefits are voluntary, meaning no contract is holding you or an employee down if you find a better deal.

Best of all, through our partnership, you can find packages in just minutes through an easy access portal. After a few additional forms, you're set. Should you not qualify for the package you selected, your money is refunded, no questions asked. Saving money was never so risk-free.

Please note that in order to use this solution, you must be incorporated or a registered DBA. 


Dinsmore/Steele just needs your email address to send you a log-in for their association catalogue.