a lot easier than a building permit:



Our 8-minute form instantly connects you with eligible PEOs, saving days of writing and calling.



We shortlist the best fits and let them know they're competing for your business.



We facilitate the conversations. You choose the PEO solution that works. Case closed.

HR doesn't have to mean "Huge risk."

Our partners understand the need for rigorous safety programs, precise worker's comp administration and ever-changing payroll. They also get that you don't want to be stuck doing everything.


Saving time is why you want a peo in the first place.

So let us save you from the endless form-filling, interviewing, calls and callbacks. We find the best-suited PEOs and get competitive quotes from them. You’ll choose your provider from the comfort of your inbox.


We can talk all day about PEOs, but if you prefer to read, these two resources are great starting points.

FINDING THE PERFECT PEO FOR your crews has never been this simple.

Since 2010, we’ve helped over 600 organizations find the best PEO solution for their company. On average, they saved 25% more compared to firms who source PEOs by themselves.  Not to mention weeks of saved time.

PEOs give our clients better-than-market pricing because they rely on our firm for constant business — and they know our clients are serious and ready to engage. In return, we demand flawless support and PEO solutions that are meant to last.