bring your a-game to the hiring table.

Premium Benefits, Practical Prices

Being in a PEO means that your fledgling startup suddenly has access to the platinum plans that your dream team is getting down the street in Series-D land. Bring them onboard now with the best health, dental, vision and more for them and their families.

All at prices that won’t blow your seed round like an ad campaign gone wrong.

Support for Unlimited Time Off

It’s not just the new thing — it’s a must for attracting premium talent that doesn’t want to be tied down to a 9-5. A PEO helps you offer a fully-developed unlimited time off plan while remaining compatible with all reporting requirements and state laws.

Letting your team members work smarter, not harder, from day one.

Way easier than a VC pitch:



Our 8-minute form connects you the best PEOs for startups, venture-backed companies and small firms.



We shortlist the best matches for your needs and let them compete for your business.



We facilitate the conversations. You choose the PEO solution that fits your budget and requirements.

Simple? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.


We can talk all day about PEOs, but if you prefer to read, these two resources are great starting points.