our peo auditing service Overview

We now offer you the ability to use our expertise and guidance to audit your current PEO provider costs.  We negotiate directly with your current PEO to ensure you are getting the best deal on your PEO and it's services.

Here's how it works.

Dinsmore Steele PEO Analyze


First we take a deep dive into what you are currently doing with your PEO provider. We uncover your administration fees, medical insurance cost, workers' compensation cost and what you are utilizing for their HR services. 



You complete our Request for Proposal. We identify which PEOs make the most sense for your company based on what you use, need and want. We assemble the most competitive quotes and compare them to your current cost. 


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We contact your current PEO provider and work with them to reduce your cost. We are armed with quotes from other PEOs and our experience allows us to know what you should be paying. Either your current PEO reduces your cost or we explore the quotes we have from our network of PEO providers.