seamless payroll. streamlined reporting. all in one place.

Successful companies need employees to grow. Employees need reliable, seamless payroll to ensure they are happy.  A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) gives you a stress free payroll with all of the bells and whistles only larger companies would have. 

Effortless Payroll Processing Dinsmore Steele.png

effortless payroll processing

PEOs give you effortless payroll processing. Whether your payroll is every week, bi-weekly or monthly a PEO will ensure it is not only correct but that your employees are paid on time and ensure all withholdings are accurate. 


state and federal taxes 

PEOs make certain that your State and Federal taxes are calculated correctly, filed accurately and paid on time. The PEO ensures your employees I-9's are on file and at year end your employee's W-2's are filed and made readily available to your employees. 

State and Federal Taxes Dinsmore Steele.png

Human Resource Information Systems Dinsmore Steele.png

human resource information systems

Joining a Professional Employer Organization gives you access to a Human Resource Information System, that ties together your payroll, PTO, employee handbooks and new hire reporting - all in one place. Giving you a seamless operating system to manage your employees.