an administrative services organization (ASO) gives you full-on HR support.

That means payroll, on-boarding, off-boarding, taxes, paperwork and more — effortlessly. But the perks don't stop there. Working with an ASO, you also have the option to enjoy:

Premium benefits. Everyday prices.


Being in a ASO means that you can access the group's buying power for yourself and any employees, giving you access to price points on insurance plans that you'd never find on an individual basis — all with national carriers like Aetna, Cigna and Blue Cross, Blue Shield for dental, vision and more. You will be responsible for claims management. 



A reliable safety net.

An ASO can set up safety programs for your employees to fulfill compliance requirements, as well as serve as a mediator in worker's disputes. It's the HR backing that won't leave you with your back up against a wall. 


While using an ASO does mean you'll have process insurance claims and all worker's comp-related paperwork (see PEOs if you'd like those items off your plate), it also means that the employees are fully under your control and you're not obliged to pay for any services you don't want. Perfect for groups that already have existing health plans that don't need replacing, or enjoy a better tax rate in their home state than they'd have to pay through a PEO, who "co-employs" their employees.

You will be directed to our PEO proposal request page, which will also connect you with proposals for ASOs.