Having employees and having the right Human Resources in place go hand in hand. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide small-medium size businesses expert Human Resource guidance and support. Ensuring you are compliant and reducing your risk of being an employer.

State and Federal Human Resource Compliance Dinsmore Steele.png

state and federal compliance

In order to stay in business it is vital that you follow State and Federal rules and regulations. A PEO keeps you compliant with the State and Federal laws and rules, ensuring you are in business. 

employee handbooks 

Every company has policies and procedures, not every company has a professional, legal employee handbook. Having an employee handbook ensures your employees know your policies and procedures and protects your business. A PEO works with you to craft your employee handbook.

Employee Handbooks Dinsmore Steele.png

Human Resource Administrative Tasks Dinsmore Steele PEO .png

HR administrative tasks

PEOs help your staff offload Human Resource Administrative tasks ranging from new hire on-boarding, benefits enrollment, help with recruiting and training programs for your staff. This allows your staff to focus on more important projects.