Being in a PEO means All of the perks of being a fortune 500, none of the hassle.

On their face, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and the concept of "co-employment" can seem complicated. But Dinsmore/Steele helps you cut through the layers and get straight to the perks:


Premium benefits. Everyday prices.

Being in a PEO means that you gain the group's buying power for yourself and any employees, giving you access to price points on insurance plans that you'd never find on an individual basis — all with national carriers like Aetna, Cigna and Blue Cross, Blue Shield for dental, vision and more.


All the problems are no longer your problem.

Being in a PEO means gaining a full-blown HR department that handles your payrolls, taxes, audits,on-boarding, off-boarding, employee education and more. It takes the busy-ness out of running a business, letting you focus on the things you enjoy and leave the paperwork to someone else.

The end of "worker's complicated."

Worker's comp can be needlessly complex, especially if you have staff levels that vary throughout the year. But with a PEO, you pay weekly or monthly, meaning paying exactly what you owe — no more overpayments or year-end balances. Plus, PEOs help secure lower worker's comp rates than you could get individually.


So what does "co-employment" mean anyway?

Your employees are, for tax reasons, the employees of the PEO. In every other sense, they're still your employees. You hire, fire, pay and direct. The only difference is the money and time you're saving.

Dinsmore/Steele makes contacting over 400 vetted PEOs a matter of an 8-minute form, then negotiates with the best matches on your behalf. We're the expert colleague at the table during exploratory calls. And just like a PEO, we use the number of clients we bring PEOs as a bargaining chip to secure better administration costs then you could get approaching a PEO individually.

It's easy and effortless — and the benefits could be measured in the thousands.