Why use Dinsmore/Steele?

You would be surprised how many people ask that us that very question. We think the answer is pretty straightforward – but we would believe that. So to answer that very question here is why companies use us.

Keep in mind that each group has a different reason for using us but the result always comes out the same.

Companies use us for the following reasons -

  • We shop the market & compile the numbers in an easy to understand bottom line focused format.
  • Our technology & expertise in the market allows us to streamline quoting – we know who does what
  • Because we are vendor neutral & aren’t tied to any vendor – we offer only the facts
  • Ability for us to negotiate for our clients & get you what you want at the most advantageous terms
  • We eliminate the need to fill out multiple forms, sales pitches & crunch numbers – we do it for you

Because of the changes in health insurance, growing compliance on a state & federal level and the HR & administrative tasks it’s time companies looked for a strategic partner – rather than a one trick pony. In the past several different vendors were needed for the functions of payroll, insurances & Human Resources – today you only need one.

Working with Dinsmore/Steele enables you access to the following:

  • Every insurance product & provider in the market
  • Over 400 PEO & HRO to quote your business
  • All human capital service providers – payroll, human resources, COBRA, Benefits Management, etc.

So if you’re wondering now why you aren’t using Dinsmore/Steele – let’s change that. Let’s talk.