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Dinsmore Steele will give you a competitive edge. You need only to focus on recruiting and retaining the best available talent in your industry. Our solutions will handle HR,  payroll, compliance, and insurance for you and at a lower cost.

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Case Study

Media Company is currently using open market business solutions and benefits. They are conducting in-house HR service and support. The Firm currently utilizes PayChecks for Payroll and additional brokers for Medical, Dental, WC, and 401-K.

The Media company is looking to reduce their benefit costs, provide fortune 500 benefits to attract and retain talent, and have a full service solution which includes a single source provider

Dinsmore Steele delivered an optimal PEO solution to produce maximal cost savings while providing richer benefit plans and enhanced business solutions.

Type of Firm: Media Company
Site/s of Operation: New York, NY | Alexandria, VA | Miami, FL | Tuscan, AZ
Initial # of Employees: 15

Current Payroll: $1,200,000
Current Challenges:
• Multi-Provider Management
• Current Health Carrier eliminating enrolled plan
• Multi-State Compliance and HR Services & Support
• Risk Mitigation
Solution: Open Market to PEO

End Result:

Implemented full service PEO solution and reduced overall costs by $12,842.29