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Are you getting the best deal on your PEO?

If you're currently in a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you've probably wondered if you should have played the field a little more. PEOs are guilty of relying on the complexity of their set-up to obscure costs and keep you from being as well-informed a customer as you might for other services like an accountant or a software vendor.

But "difficult to tell" doesn't mean unknowable. Read on to find out how to do your due diligence with any PEO.

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How a PEO can help Small Businesses with Workers’ Compensation

Many things in life are necessary evils, be it taxes, the DMV, the Dentist and Workers’ Compensation Insurance falls in there. Workers’ Comp is required if you have employees and protects you and them in the event of well an accident. Some industries are more prone to accidents while others rarely will see any, but regardless all businesses large and small must have Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage. 

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What to do before you hire your first employee

All companies start with a great idea, and usually it’s born from a challenge that you or someone close to you face. It’s a desire to improve, fix or create a better way of doing something and from that comes a company. No one ever creates a business to be in business, all of the things that go along with creating a company is overwhelming, and there is no definitive direction provided by anyone or anything.

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