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What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company that serves as a human resources partner for businesses that want to outsource the tasks and reduce costs. To legally administer many of the roles, the PEO becomes a joint-employer through employee leasing, meaning that they are the employer of record. This gives the PEO both the ability to manage employees and shared liability

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How important is the medical carrier when choosing a PEO?

Employee benefits and the topic of health insurance has been on everyone’s minds the last few years and for good reason. Increasing premiums, Obamacare, state and federal regulations - it’s become a circus. One question we get often is who is the best medical carrier while it sounds simple to answer, it isn’t. 

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The Change of Things to Come

Finding a solution in the past required multiple vendors and a cumbersome ritual of obtaining the quotes, in addition to trying to figure out who really is giving you the best deal. Well we wondered the same things so we created Dinsmore Steele, a technology company that match companies with the best human capital solutions providers.

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