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Helping Employees Find the Greener Pasture: Your Side of the Fence

In the past few years, many companies have had to tighten their budgets in lieu of further downsizing their employee headcount as a result of the economic recession that fell onto the US during the last quarter of 2007. Consequently, organizational strategy focused on lean workforces with employees often juggling multiple roles without seeing an increase in pay or promotion in job title. Due to the fact that most companies were not hiring during those troubled years, workers simply put up with the burgeoning workloads in their current jobs. Morale often suffered, but it went by the wayside as employers struggled to keep afloat and employees realized all too well that there were few alternatives in the job market.

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Investigate Employee Complaints to Avoid Liability for Employee Wrong-Doing

In the workplace, there may be employee complaints regarding harassment, fraud, theft, discrimination, and other misconduct. When complaints are not handled appropriately, the company may experience increased exposure to employment-related liability. In the long run, there may also be financial loss, damages, and penalties issued (from regulating agencies). Every employer should take the initiative to investigate employee complaints to ensure a non-discriminatory and safe working environment.

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