Referral Partners

Welcome to Dinsmore Steele, we are a human capital general agency. We work referral partners to enable you to comparatively shop the entire human capital market. Our solutions are unparalleled, we utilize the best in class vendors and our service delivery model is unsurpassed.

The value proposition of working with us is twofold; first you gain a strategic partner that knows human capital solutions better than anyone else in the market. We give you a competitive advantage versus the payroll companies and direct PEOs targeting your clients, they have one solution (theirs) versus our platform which has infinite possibilities for your client's and prospect's. We have the ability to carve out certain pieces of the PEO offering to enable you to retain certain lines of coverage. The payroll companies and PEOs targeting your client/s are a one size fits all solution and companies in this business environment need scalable, tailored solutions.

The second part of our value proposition is to your client's and prospect's, by you partnering with us they gain the ability to utilize our resources in the human capital market, while retaining you as a trusted advisor. Through our volume and relationships, we enable your client/s and prospect/s the ability to shop all facets of the human capital market from: Payroll, Workers' Compensation, Health and Wellness Benefits and HR Service and Support. Through our individual human capital solution options your client's and prospect's can put together a comprehensive solution that is built around their specific needs.

How does this work?

Engage, Educate, Enrich - our process

Our process is quite simple we work with you and your client's and prospect's to engage and identify what they are currently spending for their human capital costs; we evaluate the four core areas: payroll/tax administration costs, worker’s compensation/risk mitigation, health and wellness benefits and their HR service and support.

Once we have identified those costs, we uncover what they are looking to accomplish. We got to market on their behalf and find the best options that make the most financial sense, we review these findings with you and then we educate your client or prospect/s about the options available to them in the marketplace. By offering the right solution's to your client's and prospect's we enrich your relationship with them, while also enabling them to put a fixed cost on their human capital expenditures.

Once a solution/s has been chosen we work with you and your client/prospect to implement the solution and ensure a seamless transition. We offer continued service and support throughout your client’s lifecycle with us, offering guidance and our expertise every step of the way.

What's Next?
You can join our site to start working with us straight away or you can contact us to learn more, the choice is yours. Let us show you why we are the human capital authority.