Human Capital Outsourcing Strategists, Dinsmore/Steele Launches Company

March 25, 2011

NEW YORK-- Dinsmore/Steele launches full scale this week, as the nation’s first strategists for human capital outsourcing.

The company was founded in May 2010 and quickly established itself as the human capital authority, by providing human capital solutions through its vast products and services to any and all challenges that employers, large or small, may face.

“Once clients meet with us they quickly realize that I am not a broker or an insurance salesman,” Rodney Steele, Managing Partner of Dinsmore/Steele, said.

“They see that Dinsmore/Steele is a strategic partner that evaluates their current human capital plan, and then improves on that plan by making it more time efficient and cost effective.” Steele said.

Steele has significant experience in the human capital outsourcing industry, and has worked for several of the largest Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) in the country. He has amassed a staff of talented outsourcing experts with similar expertise.

Steele says that he wants to fundamentally change the way that the human capital industry and its business model works by offering an alternative to commission based pay.

“I believe in fair pay for honest, quality, work,” Steele said. “Dinsmore/Steele will always be successful because of its deliverables, not the rising costs of running a business.”

Dinsmore/Steele seeks to engage each client by finding out exactly what the company’s needs are, how the business operates, and what human capital decisions must be made to support the client’s bottom line. Its goal is to obtain the greatest value for each client’s human capital expenditure.

Steele said that his company offers every type of human capital management solution available through Fortune 500 level partnerships: payroll, PEO, insurance, COBRA, Unemployment, 401K, employee transit benefits, web based management tools, and much more.