Human Capital Agency Dinsmore/Steele Joins PEO Trade Association

For immediate release 2/2/12

New York— Dinsmore/Steele, the Human Capital Authority, announced this week that it has joined the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). According to NAPEO’s website, it is America’s largest trade association for professional employer organizations (PEOs).

NAPEO’s mission is to promote, educate, and advocate on behalf of its members.

“Joining NAPEO is a big step for us,” Rodney Steele, CEO of the company, said. “Not only does our acceptance increase our credibility in the eyes of potential clients, but we also benefit from NAPEO’s presence in Washington [D.C.], their regulatory database, and the exposure opportunity NAPEO provides at its conferences and trade shows.”

Steele said that joining NAPEO has been a goal of Dinsmore/Steele’s since its founding. He believes that Dinsmore/Steele and its unique business model present something valuable to the PEO industry.

“I think that anyone who is in this business for the long haul should join NAPEO.” Steele said.

Dinsmore/Steele is a consulting company that leverages its strategic partnerships with the largest PEO, insurance, and payroll companies in the country to provide affordable access to high-quality HR products to businesses of all sizes.