Financial Services

Peace of mind, freedom from non-revenue generating tasks, and significant cost savings for the financial services vertical.

Our Financial Services Team is staffed by industry veterans and award-winning finance professionals who have been recognized by the industry for the quality of their work. Dinsmore Steele Human Capital Strategists have a superior understanding of the unique challenges associated with the financial sector, finance-related services, and our clients’ needs. Our strategists have extensive experience with industry experts and management teams from public and private companies, and each offers a unique perspective on the subsectors in which they specialize:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Financial Investment and Advisory Firms
  • Financial Services Companies

We provide our financial services clients with turnkey human resources management solutions, insurance options, payroll services, staffing and recruiting, and legal services outsourcing capabilities, that stabilize expenditures and revenues, reduce or eliminate legal risks, and lower overall administrative costs.

Our research products can be accessed via our website or by contacting your Dinsmore Steele representative.

Case Study

Investment firm is currently using open market insurance/business solutions and conducting in-house HR service and support. The current medical plan it offers is being revised in January upon renewal. The Firm currently utilizes ADP for Payroll and an additional broker for WC and 401-k. The Company is looking for a full service solution that includes a single source provider. Dinsmore Steele delivered an optimal PEO solution to produce maximal cost savings.

Type of Firm: Hedge Fund
Site/s of Operation: New York, NY
Initial # of Employees: 16
Current Payroll: $5,000,000
Current Challenges:
• Multi-Provider Management
• Increased Medical Renewal Rates
• HR Human Capital Expenditures

Solution: Open Market to PEO

End Result:

Firm implemented full service PEO solution and reduced overall costs by $37,407.68.

For our PEO Benchmark for Financial Firms click here. It provides a great amount of detail specific to PEOs and their impact on Financial Firms.