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Why use a PEO Broker?

First off, if you're scratching your head at the word "PEO," head over here first. This article is a must-read too, but it'll more helpful once you've learned about how a PEO can help boost your business' profitability while saving you weeks of time each year.

Are you in a PEO now? Were you once in a PEO? Read the above article or already know about PEOs? Then you know the advantages that they can bring. But here's why you should never go PEO-hunting without a broker again.

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How a PEO can help you with Human Resources

Human Resources can make or break your company - in my opinion; HR sets the tone and culture of your company. Getting your product/service, business model, and HR right, in the beginning, are vital to your business’s survival. Over the years, I’ve seen companies that had incredible products/services be sidelined because their HR was reactive instead of proactive and I’ve seen businesses that were slow to start but had a solid HR infrastructure thrive. 

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How a PEO can help Small Businesses with Workers’ Compensation

Many things in life are necessary evils, be it taxes, the DMV, the Dentist and Workers’ Compensation Insurance falls in there. Workers’ Comp is required if you have employees and protects you and them in the event of well an accident. Some industries are more prone to accidents while others rarely will see any, but regardless all businesses large and small must have Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage. 

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