5 Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Books are an excellent way to keep up with emerging trends in business or to reinforce everyday skills like management and networking. Sometimes, though, listening is a better fit -- you’re busy, driving, or just don’t want to read because your eyes are too tired.

There weren’t many options for outstanding, cheap (or free!) business audio content 10 years ago, but now your phone is a library for on-demand business advice. Podcast hosting, production, and distribution have all matured to the point where you can access as much audio as you can handle on virtually any subset under the umbrella of “business.”

StartUp. Gimlet Media is one of the best outfits in the podcast universe. Shows like Reply All, CrimeTown and Mystery Show have been wildly successful -- and StartUp takes that same insight and high-level production quality to the business arena. StartUp is co-hosted by Gimlet founder Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow (formerly of FiveThirtyEight), both of whom dive deep into five seasons of startup stories that amaze and educate. Every episode entertains, but it also resonates on a range of themes that business owners and managers encounter constantly.

Entrepreneur On Fire. John Lee Dumas is an absolute podcasting workhorse, which is why he continues to sling business interviews 7 days a week. EoF’s hundreds of episodes include in-depth interviews on every business-relevant topic and personality you can imagine. JLD’s real strength is in highlighting specific, actionable things you can do to improve your business. It’s not just a series of chats; EoF is an ongoing development course that feels more like a hangout.

GaryVee. If you don’t know Gary Vaynerchuk already, it’s time to become his best friend (at least digitally). There’s no one in the business game with more energy and honesty than Gary, and it pours out in every single show. His #AskGaryVee show on YouTube delves into the serious issues owners face -- from making early hires to growth strategies to how to use your time effectively -- and his podcast features even more. Listening to Gary’s interviews will break up your day and give you a shot of business Red Bull, but hearing him advise callers with brutal honesty is a rare opportunity to witness an old-school masterclass.

HelpMyBusiness. Andrew Lock’s “HelpMyBusiness” is a weekly show that focuses on marketing that actually works -- and Lock uses his uniquely British charm to deliver the truth. Effective marketing is a major issue for most owners, but it receives the least attention (and can be the toughest to improve in specific ways). Lock goes over all the marketing issues that small businesses have, from writing e-mails that people want to read to talking about the lessons the little guys can take from big business success.

BeingBoss. Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon insist that entrepreneurs should focus on who they are -- and focus on being boss. It’s an attitude and a mindset, and they detail how to apply that to every facet of your business. They’re wildly creative. They’re a bit irreverent. And they’re always both entertaining and informative. The best part? They don’t just talk about a boss mindset, they help you actually live by it.

Follow those links and fill up your phone with subscriptions. Whatever you’re in the mood for -- high energy truth from GaryVee, analytical wit from Andrew Lock, or the outrageously creative Emily and Kathleen -- your podcast library will deliver whenever you need it.

Rodney Steele