Your employees literally build the nation. But in a risky industry, your biggest burdens can sometimes be made of paperwork, not concrete. Meeting HR requirements and providing your employees with benefits and support can seem as daunting as any project.

There's a way out. With our PEO (Professional Employer Organization) partners, you gain a partner who takes care of it all: rated insurance carriers with discounted prices and little down payment, reduced worker's comp costs with no audits, OSHA compliance, rigorous safety programs and eagle-eyed job costing through payroll implementation.  You gain 100% risk management, eliminate HR stress and reward employees with competitive benefits, all in one place — your new PEO partner.

Working with Dinsmore/Steele gives you access to the best PEOs. That means:

Better Workers' Comp Rates, Pay-as-you-go Convenience

PEOs negotiate reduced worker's comp rates that are paid based on each payroll to reflect your actual workforce numbers. That prevents costly overpayment or year-end balances due. And when audits or claims occur, the PEO handles the paperwork for you. It's hands-free, no-audits worker's comp —with the added benefit of OSHA compliance for superior risk management.

Pay As You Go Workers Compensation with Dinsmore Steele

Workers Compensation insurance Claims Management and Year End Audits

Robust HR, Minus the Headache

A PEO gives you access to the equivalent of a Fortune 500 HR department — hiring, firing, employee scheduling and onboarding are all guided by you but done by them. Safety programs that meet local and state requirements? No problem. A PEO can even help you with job costing by giving you up-to-date payroll estimates on-demand. Sure beats doing it yourself. 

Better Benefits at Better Prices

PEOs also use the combined numbers of their member companies to negotiate premium insurance benefits at budget prices. That means insurance plans for your employees that only massive home builders can access on their own. It's a real boost for employee retention and your reputation as an employer.

Lower your Workers Comp cost with Dinsmore Steele

You've got nothing to lose.

Dinsmore/Steele reduces the time needed to find and set up a PEO partner to just a few hours — all while giving you access to additional discounted rates as our partners compete for your business.